Interior Design And Lighting Trends 2017

Interior Design And Lighting Trends 2017

Since its Foundation, olive lighting and interior design have been so closely linked that to day, it could be said that his union is indivisible.

Interior Design And Lighting Trends 2017

We are entering the final stretch of the year with a comprehensive account of trends more dropouts in interior design and lighting (definition: From his new Studio Urbanobyu (Madrid), the great decorator urban rose dissects the future, the present and the past of this discipline project… Light as ornament. Space, as field of work.

Lamp Algorithm, of Vibia.

Open and bright spaces remain trend this season. “Light is “protagonist in large open spaces in clear opposition to the already outdated conception of estancias-dormitorio. This is extensible to the kitchen, which happens to be a common space”, clarifies urban rose. “The houses will have a central axis for collective activities and concrete with specific functions spaces”.The interior designer should have the necessary furniture for comfort and beauty are the predominant elements. “Or recharged, or minimalist: everything in perspective”.

The Interior Designer opts for extremes: on the one hand, raw materials of great size for larger homes. For another, material small or minimum format for small spaces (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.). El dorado is trend in lighting.

Interior Design And Lighting Trends 2017 1

Hendrix, of Delightfull lamp

Color classics as the black and white “are still a decoration concerning life insurance”, assures. Among the emerging, the Navy Blue very dark (Snorkel blue) as “the new black in the world of decoration”. Pink Quartz takes the cake in furniture, but especially in textiles. Yellow Buttercup, of highly topical is omnipresent in details and curtains.

Above, Claritasfloor lamp. Down, Projecteur 365 – suspension-.
The two are Nemo

The cauldron red or Green Shell, so typical in the 1960s, also make Act of
presence, although most notable according to Pink is that “it is possible to see spaces ”
” completely monochromatic, a big change from the past”. In lighting, are
bet by the wise combination of direct and indirect light sources to recreate different environments.

Kazuki, of Nemo floor lamp.

The Decorator is not amiga label styles or adhere to them: “each decorator has his own. Can we not base decoration styles available on the market”. But it stressed that the predominant style was “sober, calm and quiet”, committed by a studied mixture of them according to each project.

On walls, are committed increasingly by a technical and high-quality paper.The range of possibilities is almost endless: smooth, smooth with some reason clear, embossed, textured, striped… The continuity in soils still present, but the trend is flooring tiles in large pieces with geometric game. The most popular materials are still wooden and marble.

Interior Design And Lighting Trends 2017 2

Large exempt cupboards and cabinets, horizontal base units and the range of furniture based on interlocking pieces are trend in furniture. “The sofa is the linchpin of the ” time: curved or straight, always comfortable, may extend reach 4 meters and are the focus of the room. Around this will see many satellites as bedside tables, feet, seats…”.

In textiles, smooth cotton velvets, natural textures like linen and drawings
geometric hogging all the attention. “Upholstering sofas with fabrics that community kilims is fashion, as well as large carpets able to traverse the entire space”. Groups of pendant lamps, cutting edge, They have come to stay.

The wise mixture of decorative accessories is key to not be left behind in
Interior Design: mirrors, sculptures, frames, ceramics, dishes, or ornamental tableware pieces.

The appliques are still on the rise, being key pieces to illuminate bedrooms
occupying the minimum space. In the image, Lampe de Marseille of Nemo: designed by Le Corbusier in 1949, mixing direct and indirect (trend)

Interior Design And Lighting Trends 2017 3

Recessed LED, that allows to make an architectural game into dwellings it is imposed. The image is called Big and is vibia.