Lighting Fixtures of Wood

Raw joker in architecture and decoration, wood gives life to light fixtures with designs irresistible to those who value good taste in all the details

Lighting Fixtures of Wood 1

Cozy, elegant and timeless, the wood wherever it appears it gives a touch of special, bringing a rustic charm or the same time for urban spaces.

National passion, thanks to its versatility, the wood never goes out of fashion and has the power to reinvent itself adapting to. Commonly present in doors, windows, flooring, wall coverings and furniture, it draws attention when it appears in decorative objects. They are ideal for those who want the material only in the details.

Light fixtures in wood

The lighting is much more than just a detail in an environment, but a light fixture in the wood may be a perfect fit to bring the material to the composition, making a link with other objects and surfaces.

If you want to transform your spaces by using this raw material with good taste, check it out now some models of pendant lamp design in wood and renew the inspirations for your project.

Lighting Fixtures of Wood 2


Combining the contemporaneity of aluminum and steel and rustic wood, this lamp for reading was designed to be operated with ease and lightness, possessing a single joint, sustained by a steel spring.

With the aluminum reflector and the rod in treated wood, it has as light source a lamp halopin up to 40W, offering a good color reproduction.


For those who relate the wood to the memories affective in the field, the luminaire Hermit will bring great memories with its design reminiscent of the ancient lamps of the hand, allowing it to be used as a desk lamp or even a lantern, being carried by the environments.

With simple forms, its handle is shaped through the technique of bending, typical of the joinery, and its base is produced by the turning of solid wood with natural finish or painted.

Lighting Fixtures of Wood 3


The luminaire Troy is the very translation of the sophistication of wood, bringing a finishing double, which makes it even more attractive and functional, with a table-top model and the floor.

Composed by lamp column, its base consists of a lightweight tripod, which holds gently your dome in aluminium with an internal part-tinged white,to provide a pleasant light effect.


With such a design the hollow refers to the name itself, the pendant light Nest emits its light in an intense way and with a lot of personality, bringing an interference with artistic environment.

Tom Tom

The crossover between wood and aluminum painted white turned up gives the tone light and natural to the design of this chandelier a functional and rich in its composition full of elements that make all the difference. With a name that is fun and full of life, the lamp is a Tom Tom is one of those decorative objects, full of history, being inspired by the first lantern developed in the wood.