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External Lighting

The area outside of the home is the first vision that our guests, neighbors and even pedestrians will have in the House, so the external lighting is something extremely important. Wall sconces, spots and light fixtures attached to the floor are some of the options that we can use at the moment to keep the external lighting. Follow our tips with outdoor lighting items and turn your decoration!


It is impossible to imagine any home decorated without a proper lighting, so the fixtures are essential in any residence. The way that lights up a room influences significantly in space and in the home, including the general feelings generated at each site. For this reason, the selection and placement of the lamp must be planned carefully, for everything to be well illuminated and with a pleasant climate.

LED Lighting

Often do not give the importance due to the lighting of our House, but she is responsible for part of the warmth that we want when we arrived tired from work Friday night or also the clarity needed time to…
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Ideal Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important features in a decoration. Besides meeting with your functional role when properly chosen, can also provide aesthetic value to the composition. From the functional point of view, one must consider the convenience of brightness…
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Ideal Lighting for Your Home

Good morning people, all right? Today’s post is another one of those nice in partnership with Lee’s personal Blog! They have really nice tips about lighting in home decoration. Also are you curious? So come and see! 😉

Ideas for Decorating with Lights

A cosy House, hot and to invite the rest is what you can achieve with good lighting.Both the colour of lights as the place where they are put are important to ensure that each space has a proper environment and with the energy that you want to give.Spaces such as the bedroom or the living room are the more people want to see set of a and therefore here tend to prevail the lights of yellow and orange tones. But if you want to achieve an even greater effect, you can choose…
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How to Brighten a Dark Room

The lighting in a room planning is very important in order to be able to take advantage of the full potential of space and also to reinforce the sense of comfort that intended in this room. Illuminate a room is not something as complicated as it may seem at first, you just must make sure we don’t let dark or poorly lit and take into account their own needs, such as the existence of a space to study. In this…
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How to Brighten a Room

Good lighting is very important in any room in our room and in the living room too,because it is, along with the kitchen, one of the most used environments. A well-lit room will allow you to develop all activities there in a more comfortable and welcoming. Even if also depend on the size of the room and the entrance of natural light, which you must take into account when lights up the room is very…
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Crafts for Halloween-Orange Candle Holders

On the night of October 31 is Halloween, a party of pagan origin which takes place to celebrate Halloween. For this very special day, besides having a fantasy monster, it is very common to decorate the houses with ghosts, pumpkins, spider-webs, bats, etc, and design-based lighting candles. In this article of a show you how to make candle holders of oranges, a manual labor for Halloween very simple that will give a touch of terror to your home.

Accessories for Lighting

Do you know what are dimmer, socket and electrified rail? All these products are some of the items that help and complement the light system of any space. Categorized as accessories for lighting at department stores, specialized and local trades focused on home and decoration, the articles are great investments to compose the visual of all environments.